about me

Hey there! I'm Emilie and I'm a designer eager to make a difference in the world. I am very interested in how we can combine technology, creativity, and empathy to create seamless and meaningful experiences for others. Born in Oakland, CA and raised in San Leandro, CA ✌️ I built my foundation of UX design knowledge at UC San Diego in the Cognitive Science // Human-Computer Interaction program, and grew my abilities to apply this knowledge during my time in the Integrated Digital Media Master's program at New York University. I now focus on improving the digital experience of offerings in the Hybrid Cloud organization at IBM, as a UX Designer.

In my free time, I love to letter, run (once in a while), and discover new music. I run a lettering Instagram that I update on a very irregular basis 😅.

Most frequently used emojis:
😭 🤔 😬 😢 🎉

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