yogurt world

I worked with two teammates to design and create a website in 9 weeks for Yogurt World, a frozen yogurt shop on UCSD's campus. This website was designed and targeted toward a specific audience based on a variety of interviews we conducted, observations we made, and competitive analyses that we performed.

Tools Used: Sketch, Invision, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript

User Research

We started off by interviewing our client to gather information on our client's target audience and their needs for the site. We also conducted our first round of interviews and observations. We asked questions about Yogurt World to both customers and non-customers. After this first round of interviews, we aggregated all the data and looked for any patterns in responses. From our analysis of the data, we were able to develop three different user groups based on the research that we did: frequent customers, non-frequent customers, and prospective customers.

After this, we were able to formulate new questions for each different persona and conduct a second round of interviews in order to figure out their behaviors and needs for different website features.

Competitive Analysis

We looked at other websites of similar types of stores, or websites that the owner particularly liked and tried to dig into why the owner liked these features and what made these features enable a better experience to visitors. We developed a site map in order to outline and organize specific features of the site that will be included, based on the data we collected. From this site map, we developed a low-fidelity prototype.

Prototyping & Solution

By using data to inform our solution, the main features we decided to include were a page that listed all of the flavors that Yogurt World had to offer, as well as the flavors that the shop had that day. There is also a section for fundraisers, since Yogurt World works constantly with various student organizations on campus to organize fundraisers. We were able to test our prototype on people from each of the different user groups (frequent customers, non-frequent customers, and prospective customers), and found positive results from testing. One thing that was noted on multiple occassions of testing was that customers wanted a quick way to sort through and view the flavors. Also, many people noted that they have certain dietary needs/preferences, nd this was one thing that made Yogurt World special. Yogurt World has a wide selection of flavors for various dietary preferences.

In our next iteration, we added a sorting/filter feature for the flavors in which customers can filter flavors based on specific dietary needs. For example, if a customer wants to view dairy free options, they would just select that filter and the set of corresponding flavors would be presented.